Why us?

Why us?

Qualified native speakers

Since your company's success and reputation are at stake, selecting a professional and reliable translation agency is of utmost importance. As the global market becomes more and more competitive, Kersten & Sawhney Translations understands the importance of communicating your organization's message accurately and within budget. With our dedicated translation team of professionally trained and highly skilled bilingual native speakers, we can assure you that your translations are in the hands of specialists.

State-of-the-art tools

We use a wide range of the latest software and techniques for translation, including state-of-the-art tools for computer-aided translation and word processing that support all standard file formats. If you use different software, we would be happy to customize the way we work to accommodate your specific needs.

Client-first approach

Keeping our customers satisfied is our top priority. Our open, honest and proactive communication with our clients and the client-first approach of our entire team ensure that your expectations are met or exceeded.

In addition to our core business of translation, we would be happy to provide additional services to suit your special requirements.

Quality assurance through dual control

We have a multi-phased quality assurance system in which your translation is continuously supervised to ensure its accuracy. It goes without saying that all client data is kept strictly confidential and all our staff with access to client data are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Each translation is thoroughly checked and proofread by a second set of eyes before it is delivered. Thus, you can be confident that your translation meets the standards you expect from a Made in Germany product.

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